An artistic solution

The advertising card gets into the consumer's daily life. It is easily picked and often has a second life when posted at home. It is voluntary choosen by the customer, kept, collected and shown to friends. Finally it is accessible to a larger public. The advertising card offers great flexibility. The possibilities are unlimited: The only limits are from your imagination!

  • regular size
  • multiple sections
  • die cut
  • extension
  • electrostatic
  • magnets
  • holograms
  • metallic inserts
  • parfume
  • the whole display

Some Statistics

  • 93 % of costumers are attracted by the displays with the advertising cards
  • 76 % of people pick-up an advertising card
  • 75 % appreciate the advertising cards for their purpose and portable aspect
  • 73 % of customers keep their cards 4 months in average
  • 27 % are sending them to friends and family
  • Each card will reach in average 3,3 individuals excluding the person who took the card
  • The average life cycle of an advertising card is 82,2 days
    (Ipsos Décarie Study, 2007)